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New Computer Build Part 2

Post ProductionPosted by Benedict Mart Mon, March 21, 2016 12:51:09
Since my last post I've built the computer and like buses, a couple of projects came in at once. So I've had to finish them first and now have time to return to update my blog...

In part 1 I researched into the programs that I will be mostly using, After Effects(RAM), Davinci Resolve(GPU) and some 3d programs including Blender and Cinema 4d(GPU). Also which motherboard and CPU along with the case, these will be housed in.

I decided to go for the Gigabyte -GA-Z170X-UD5 TH motherboard, that is ideal to satisfy those who want workstation features at an affordable price, half that of Asus motherboard of roughly the same spec. It has 2 thunderbolt 3 ports, loads of other USB ports and is branded ULTRA DURABLE! The CPU I paid that little bit more and went for the Intel Core™ i7-6700K with it's hyper threading with a an effective 8 cores.

With the case I went for a rack mounted ATX version - bought a second hand one from eBay that had all features I needed.

Having a set budget for the rest of the components I decided to spread them out for the middle of the road spec rather than having one high spec (high cost) component and the rest low spec, as I can slowly upgrade these over time.

I'll break the next section into computer components...

CPU Cooler

As this computer is meant for transport I decided to go for a liquid system due to not wanting a heavy weight on the CPU. With a major air vent in front of the case, internally this housed the HDD's, so I striped out the brackets and put the fan/ radiator in it's place, over the front vents. There are two more fans at the top back which suck the air out of the computer, so we have a suitable air current though it.


Went for a silent Fan 750w semi modular PSU, which will give me enough power to add later cards further on down the line.


32gb Ram (upgradable to 64 with the motherboard).

Hard Drives

4x 1tb Samsung SSD (2 in Raid 0) - This is broken down into...
Raid 0 is footage
1 SSD for cache
1 SSD for render output and everything else I dump in there.

I also have a dockable bay (please see below) for extra hard drives.

The Gigabyte board has 1 M.2 slot so went for Samsung 250gb, which is ultra fast load times but I don't really need super fast boot up times, so sometime in the future I plan to test the M.2 SSD vs normal Sata SSD (in Raid 0) for speed, in regard to the cache storage to see which is faster. If so the new SanDisk M.2 1tb would be worth looking into.

PCI Cards

Got a cheap WiFi card - for when I need to connect to the internet (this is mostly offline as I don't use this computer for general internet access, just key updates).

Another cheap card from eBay was a Firewire pci as they are still a lot of devices around with this connection.

Nvidia Quadro K2200 4gb GPU Graphics Card - A interim graphics card that for cost (second hand £140) to output in 10bit colour is worth its weight in gold come colour grading. Although it will just scrape by 4k footage and has only 640 Cuda cores. I'm saving up for a Nvidia Titan X and a Blackmagic 10bit output card which is about half (second hand) of what my budget is for this computer!!!

Also Plan to add a sound card in the future.

Computer Bays

Top - Icy Box multi port card reader along with Esata and USB 2 & 3 ports.

Middle - Icy Dock Hot swappable drive caddie so i can back up files easily on either 3.5" HDD or a SDD, as and when required without taking the computer out or having another device on my table.

Bottom - Presently empty but thinking of getting another Icy Dock so I can do Raid 1 or Raid 10 (with internal HDD's) more for duplication - the D.I.T. side of things.


I didn't have any trouble building the machine basically apart from the CPU and Cooler it's plug an play style. It just took a little time for cable management and to organise the case for the cooler...apart from that everything went smoothly.

The OS is currently Windows 10 but I'm edging towards going back to Windows 7 as I'm don't like the new privacy and update issues currently with Windows 10(another reason not be connected to the internet).

Over the next few weeks I'll write up how the computer has coped with the projects I've just done.

Also this computer is ever evolving machine to will update as and when.

And here it is (the most exciting picture in the world, lol)...

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