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Orphanage Project

Random Side ProjectsPosted by Benedict Mart Tue, March 22, 2016 15:54:39
A long term side project, that I'm working on. It's an animation with a mixture of 3d and 2d elements. Below are pictures of the 3d Orphanage that I'm building in Blender 7.2

Pic 1 Photo research board - The final 3d design of the Orphanage. The building is mainly based on the Turkish wooden orphanage, as seen in the top and left of the research board. I love the extruding floors as the building extends up the levels that gives it an impressive and imposing characteristics.

Pic 2 Ground Floor - In Blender I have split the floors into layers so it's easier to manage and when it's time to animate I can remove parts that aren't needed, in order to save on render times.

Pic 3 Texture - As you can see I've used tile based textures. for the walls, a problem i came across was in the corner they just melded together with no definition and you couldn't make out the corners. To work around this I made up several tiles with darkened edges on either side and bottom and top. Then I placed the right tiles that correspond with the right edge corners. This has worked very well as seen in Pic 4 & 5.

Pic 4 medium shot of Textured walls

Pic 5 - Close up shot of textured walls
Pic 6 Starting level 2 texture walls.
Pic 7 Finished Level 2

I am currently exploring different animation packages to see which is best for this project...Below is quick test of a building, constructed in Blender. The character walking past the building is a test model from Crazy Talk Animation 2 program, which is a small (and can be limiting) but very powerful 2d animation package. It gives the illusion of 2d characters being 3d - like how they did it back in the hand drawn days. I imported each element into A.E. and brought them together. Please see the test below....

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