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Tests with VR in Blender

Adventures In Virtual RealityPosted by Benedict Mart Sat, January 09, 2016 14:10:11
Over the past few months I've been testing out VR animations in Blender. This was achieved by using the equirectangular projection type and exporting it as a .mov

For the VR test I created a space scene, where the viewer is on a spacewalk watching asteroids float past. It took quite a while for it to render and would've like to have space dust showing off the beams of light from the helmet. Also a lens flare from the sun would've been nice.

Defiantly need a render farm for these projects took a week to render ( 8 hours a night doing between 15-20 frames). The quality from Youtube is still quite small, so it can get pixelated. More work on render times and picture quilaty

Overall happy with the test.

Then I just inserted the metadata, which allows Youtube to process the 360 video and play it back.

Here's the link to get the insert metadata program...

To view this VR test you need to have the chrome browser or on a mobile device.

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