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Siren Song - Update

Current ProjectsPosted by Benedict Mart Sat, April 23, 2016 14:43:55

It's been a while since I've worked on this project and have been told by the Executive Producers that Siren Song now has a US distributor:-) This will hopefully lead it being picked up by a European distributor. Anyway you can see the trailer in my portfolio or go to the IMDB here.

So they asked me to help with the press release and some Q&A on the film, from my directors perspective. I wanted to make it quite light hearted and add some little titbits in there as well.

Q&A with Director Benedict Mart

What was your inspiration for the film?

I’m a great horror fan from James Whale ‘The Old Dark House’ to hammer horror and more recently the Clive Barker films. A very special time in the UK horror film history was in the 1970’s with classics such as ‘The Wicker Man’ and ‘The Legend of Hell House’ where the emphasis was on atmosphere and the gradual build up of tension - slowly unnerving the audience as the films progresses until the climatic ending. Siren Song is a nudge and a wink to those films from that period.

How long was the shoot? Where did you shoot?

The shoot was for 5 weeks in Cornwall during winter and one of the worst recorded storms in Cornish history, which complicated the production as it was difficult to get actors to the location, due to infrastructure meltdown. The story is based around an Island hotel which we managed to get an old Cornish manor house, Landaviddy, that dates back to the 17th century and has all the hall marks of a Gothic Manor ideal for this production and a perfect homage to the earlier film locations from the 1970’s. Also we filmed at Polperro Net loft, which is basically a barn on the cliffs that jut out to sea , dating back several hundred years. Surprisingly that survived the great storm but the harbour wall didn’t.

What is your favourite scene in the film?

The stand out scenes for me are when Dan(Mat Silver) first arrives at the hotel and we have a track shot of him getting out of the taxi and being greeted by Tess(Helen Rule, one of the sisters) with the hotel in the background looming over them , which leads onto Dan entering the hotel reception and there’s an awkward moment as Dan realises he has been set up. Another scene is when the band members are chilling, as Callie is packing to leave, she draws out a confession from Ethan(James Ward) to the horror of the other band members -they are some great moments between the actors during that revelation. Also the scene with Dan and Ryan (C. Thomas Howell) in the corridor arguing -while it’s basically a confrontational scene – they are a few lines that would make you smile.

What was the most difficult scene to shoot?

Probably the exterior shoot of when Dan was walking though the garden with all the dead bodies. It was winter- cold and wet and everything that goes with it, like walking in a foot depth of mud . But we over came and got the shots.

What do you think the essence of the film and its characters are about?

For me the premise is ‘ humans can be the real monsters.’ This can be seen with most of the “human” characters on screen. From Dan and his secret to Ryan being complicate with Dan. Each character has a dark secret and the sirens draw out their ode to death and avenge the dead. But the real Siren song is the tune sung over the internet drawing the guilty to the island making this a modern retelling of the classic myth.

Edit: At some point when I get time, I'll do a little Vlog on my thoughts on the film and the production.

Edit: The film has now been sold to a US distributor and has been renamed Bloodlust along with a new poster. It is currently on Amazon Prime.

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